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Welcome to Monterey Wine Country!
Nearly 230 years ago Franciscan friars planted wine grapes in Monterey County. Although these early vineyards are no longer around, they foretold the story of the thriving grape growing industry of today. To help them navigate from mission to mission, these early missionaries would mark their trails along the California coast with mustard seeds. The mustard plants reveal the trail traveled by those dedicated missionaries. Today, one can still follow the mustard plants along the trail that the missionaries traveled. And along the way, we see vineyards planted beside the California mission trail.

Today, Monterey County grows over 40 different varieties of wine grapes. A large portion of these varieties are blended, and many of these grapes are sent elsewhere for processing. Rare varieties like Cabernet Franc and Refosco are seldom available to consumers as a stand-alone varietal. For years, only vintners had the pleasure to sample these fine varietal wines in an individual form. Each and every variety grown in Monterey County has something special to express with its color, aroma, and flavor. It is in the spirit of exploration and promotion of the area's quality that proprietors Ken and Robyn Rauh created Mission Trail Vineyards.

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